SunEx is redefining the way people
invest in real estate by using
blockchain technology and an exclusive
cryptocurrency token, allowing
modest individual investors access to
big real estate opportunities.

SunEx is using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to provide global investors of all sizes unprecedented access to real estate investment opportunities in the United States—historically shown to be one of the strongest and most-stable investments available.

Using a proprietary platform based on blockchain technology and an exclusive cryptocurrency token, SunEx has:

  • overcome the geographical limitations normally associated with real estate investments
  • overcome the restrictions of most real estate platforms (which restrict investments only to accredited investors)
  • eliminated the high fees associated with traditional real estate investing
  • eliminated the need for access to stock-trading accounts

Our crowdsourcing model allows small investors to invest fractionally (along with other small investors) in larger real estate opportunities, allowing investors to build wealth without directly purchasing expensive real estate.


Using the SunEx exchange, investors purchase shares (in the form of SunEx cryptocurrency tokens) in specific US-based residential or commercial properties, or in funds that represent multiple properties. This provides real estate operators with the critical pool of capital they need, while providing value and growth potential to the tokens associated with that property.

The flexible nature of cryptocurrency allows investors to move their money to-and-from investments on their terms, as they see fit. It also allows investment to transcend currency boundaries, allowing direct investment without the need for paper money exchange. Best of all, there are no minimum investment requirements or lockdown periods on investments.

This is a truly unique proposition and the opportunity has never been greater for personal wealth building through real estate investments for small-to-modest investors.

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Paul Dong


Founder of the American Blockchain Strategic Development Association. Founder of, who has won venture capital investment from Morgan Stanley and AsiaCommerce. President of Sunet Group, and partner of the 21st century real estate company Realogy, a Fortune 500 company. 16 years of real estate overseas investment and overseas real estate asset management experience, and is a real estate technology (PropTech) expert. Masters of Finance and Information Technology from the University of Texas, USA.

Cheryl Liu


A continuous entrepreneur, CEO of K-12 Education and Training Institute in the United States and Canada, Microinn North America COO, Top Sales with Century 21 Real Estate Company. Ten years of experience in eCommerce operations and promotion, manages more than one million registered ID forum as moderator. Rich in media and industry resources in the digital currency field, and an honorary member of the USA Blockchain Alliance.

Bob Wood


Bob Wood is a senior technologist, formerly working with Bill Gate’s company, Microsoft, and Ross Perot’s company Electronic Data Systems. Bob Wood has over 30 years of experience in corporate America designing and building mission-critical architecture of distributed systems for Fortune 500 corporations.

George Yuan


Dr. Yuan was the director of Deloitte China & KPMG LLP with 15 years experience. Dr. Yuan specializes in the areas of the valuation and financial derivatives and Value-at-Risk (VaR) modeling for market risk, credit risk, operational risk, plus insurance Risk under framework of Basel-II Accord , and also financial and credit derivatives pricing, portfolio optimization, risk limit design, forward price curve design, and complex position and commodity price risk assessment and asset valuation. George is regarded as the industry leader in the practice of financial derivative valuation and quantitative risk management for financial and real estate Sectors.

Manage over 300 properties.

Fulfilled over $150 million in transactions in the past 12 months.

Oversee team of over 100 agents and property managers.



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